Things to Consider When Choosing Your Hardwood Flooring

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is any wood product made of solid wood, which is specifically designed for usage as interior flooring, aesthetic or structural. Wood is an extremely popular choice for flooring materials and comes in a wide variety of species, shades, cuts, and patterns. It is also available in a wide variety of prices, from the economical hardwood floors you can buy in discount stores to the more ornate, expensive hardwood flooring. However, wood flooring has its advantages and disadvantages, as with any other floor covering. The purpose of this article is to discuss these pros and cons of wood flooring so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for your requirements or not.

There are a number of advantages of hardwood flooring. The main advantage of this type of floor covering is that it is both durable and beautiful, as wood is very resilient to damage but also relatively easy to maintain. It is also very easy to install, making it a perfect choice for smaller rooms or even a small apartment. Another advantage of this type of floor covering is that it requires little to no maintenance. Hardwood flooring can be stained or varnished, although this will depend on the individual choice of wood, the quality of the stain, the amount of care required, and the degree of wear and tear which the wood has encountered. A more thorough cleaning is generally required after a few years, although this can be avoided by regularly oiling the wood, using a sealant or finish, or by sealing the boards with polyurethane or some other protective coating.

The disadvantages of hardwood flooring include a higher cost than other types of floor coverings, such as carpet or laminate. For those who wish to maximise the durability and beauty of their floor covering, the best choice is to choose veneer flooring rather than hardwood flooring because this will provide you with a long term and cheap solution. There are a number of different types of veneer, and most homeowners will be able to find a style to suit their requirements. However, there are still a number of things to consider before selecting this floor covering. By ensuring that the veneer is of a high quality and will stand up to the rigours of daily use, you should be able to create a long term solution which is durable and attractive, but it is important to take care of the floor.

The first thing to consider when deciding whether to choose hardwood flooring or veneer is the size of the room in which it is to be installed. If you have a large room to cover, then solid wood flooring may be the best choice, providing greater durability and reliability due to its higher density. On the other hand, if you have a smaller space then laminate or vinyl floor covering may be more suitable. Choosing the right flooring solution for your needs is very important, so take your time and weigh up all of the pros and cons.

When choosing hardwood flooring solutions you need to pay particular attention to the subflooring. These are the layers beneath the floor surface and they are responsible for providing the structure and foundation for the planks to sit on. If you lay down solid hardwood floors then you are likely to have a good solid base for the planks to rest on, but if the subfloor is not of the highest quality, the planks will sit on a sliver of wood that can easily warp, dent or even stain. Even worse, it is possible to completely ruin a beautiful planks by allowing water or any other liquids to reach the subfloor. Veneer over solid wood floors can also be a viable solution, but only if you choose a laminate planks instead. In these cases, you will need to ensure that your subfloor is strong enough to support the weight of the planks and that the finish used to coat the planks is adequate.

Another thing to consider is the grooves that will be cut into the solid hardwood flooring planks. If the planks are to be laid using standard mitered methods then the resulting pattern should be flat and smooth. The best hardwood flooring solutions will employ CNC machinery to ensure that each plank is perfectly straight, evenly spaced and a perfect circle. If you want to install solid hardwood flooring with standard mitered cuts then ensure that the miter slots are at least an inch apart and that the planks are fitted through the miter slots using masking tape.

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