Hardwood Services


Hardwood Flooring Installation

The Hardwood Guys are Third Generation Hardwood Installation with an indepth knowledge of hardwood flooring supplies and hardwood installation services for an everlasting hardwood floor. The specialists at The Hardwood Guys prefinished wood floor installation by utilizing their professionalism and premium quality components including manufacturer recommended underlayment, surface sealants, adhesives and fasteners

Laminate Flooring Installation

The new generation of laminate flooring is easy-to-maintain, and it’s designed to replicate the natural color, grain and texture of real hardwood, tile, stone, or wood laminate design .Laminate flooring is made of thin, pressed wood board with an image of wood on top covered by a clear “wear layer” to protect the image.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made of plywood with a veneer of fine hardwood on top. Engineered wood flooring provides a thin veneer skin on the top layer that is made form real wood. The base layers are high-quality plywood, with a “natural wood” similar to laminate flooring’s pressed wood base.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Restore your hardwoods surface by sanding away any nicks or scratches and resurface it with a Polyurethane Hardwood Finish. Refinished flooring can be the answer to revitalizing your home’s look. The Hardwood Guys is here to assist you with your flooring needs, whether it be restoring your existing floors or completing tearing up and installing new floors.

Hardwood Flooring Design

Let The Hardwood Guys design your hardwood floor with wood elements that will define your space with your personality.