Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular features in many homes. Yet, despite their popularity, they can be very hard to keep clean and maintained. Because of this, many people choose to hire a professional to maintain their floors for them. While professional hardwood care can be quite expensive, it is still usually quite affordable. In addition, there are some common problems that you can expect with most hardwood flooring maintenance, which make it easier for homeowners to understand how to keep their hardwood floors looking like new, but without neglecting their own home maintenance.

hardwood flooring

The most common problem with this type of flooring is called “wear and tear”. Wood floors are especially vulnerable to “wear and tear” because of the way they are constructed. The actual timber that makes up the floorboards are frequently glued together using either nail or glue. Use a gentle dry mop on hardwood flooring or an alternative microfiber or broom to prevent damaging the finish and imparting excessive moisture into the affected area.

Too much moisture in the air causes the wood to expand and contract, causing small gaps between the boards and leading to moisture leaking into the room. To combat this problem, make sure that you prevent the door to your home from being left open when the winter months are set to begin. Leave the front door slightly ajar to allow for proper air circulation and humidity levels inside the house. You might also consider closing off your garage door during the winter months so that it’s not left open for any length of time.

Rust is another problem common with hardwood flooring. Rust is often caused by improper installation of your floor, either during installation or before installation. Make sure to follow instructions carefully when it comes to laying out your boards and ensuring that you don’t install more than necessary or cut corners where necessary. Proper care and maintenance will eliminate most problems associated with your new hardwood flooring.

Excessive cleaning is one more problem unique to hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors tend to attract a lot of dirt and dust, which is normal given their porous structure. However, due to their design, they can become damaged quite easily when dirt and dust are allowed to stay on the surface for too long. The best way to remove excess dirt is to use a dust mop or a damp mop, but in the event that your hardwood flooring is in need of serious cleaning you should consult with a professional. Most manufacturers do provide professional service and cleaning packages to their customers.

Although hardwood floors aren’t as susceptible to seasonal changes as carpet, they are still vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes. It is important to place them away from windows that receive strong sunlight and then to keep them in a place where they can’t be damaged by high winds or high humidity. If you live in an area which experiences very high seasonal temperature swings or very low seasonal humidity it may be necessary to install an exhaust fan or humidifier to increase air movement and improve circulation around your home.

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